We come to you! Mobile reptile shows and displays.  
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Birthday parties, school incursions, fetes & festivals, expos, shopping centre displays and more

Reptiles Inc - Handling, aims & legal


Our aims here at Reptiles inc. are those set out by the ACT department of education and training, which include the following:  
• provide an opportunity for students to experience, observe, investigate, and manage animals.  
• provide a source of interesting material which can be used to encourage an attitude of curiosity and inquiry.  
• develop an understanding of the relationships between animals and their environment.  
• encourage understanding of the relationship between humans and other animals, such as our dependence on animals for food and other needs, as well as the role played by some organisms as pests, predators or competitors for food.  
• develop an attitude of concern for the natural environment of animals and for the problems associated with maintenance and conservation.  
• develop in students a sensitivity for the needs of animals and provide opportunity for students to take responsibility for their welfare.  
• inspire and encourage creative work.  


Whilst we never allow people to “hand the animals around” we do select volunteers (like the birthday child) to assist us and they even get to hold a select few characters, after all what is the point in being up and close if you cant touch.... you might as well hire a DVD.  
Reptiles Inc does NOT USE ACTUAL WILDLIFE for its shows! The reptiles and other animals we have with us are native to Australia but they are not wild in any way - it goes against everything we teach and stand for as an ethical educational institute, and animal lovers.  
The animals that you will get to meet are specially selected for their temperament and easy going nature around people and are obviously raised as pets. Our animals are kept with us for a long time and TRAINED to be used to people in different situations. Reptiles are creatures of habit and with proper handling can become so used to people that they are almost oblivious to what is going on around them. After all if we didn’t trust them to be at ease with handling they would never be used for this sort of thing in the first place!  
WILD animals must stay wild and should never be used in this way.  
As professional reptile keepers we can read an animal's body language and they talk to us in their own way, we are respectful of the fact any animal can be unpredictable so we have developed methods for handling that keep you out of harms way.  
For every animal we show, there are two or even three others of the same kept at home so that they are constantly rotated and only ever used once in a week. If an animal ever appears stressed or has had enough with the situation it is very obvious to us and they are given all the respect and distance they need.  


We are fully insured - the organisation we belong to recognises our skill and ability to understand the limits of the animals we deal with and don’t feel they are taking any risks. We do not deal with any venomous animals.