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Meet our Animals - Eastern Long-Necked Turtle

Chelodina longicollis or Eastern Long-Necked Turtles like in live in slower moving bodies of water like creeks dams swamps and some river systems. As the name suggests they live on the eastern side of Australia from Sth Australia up to Qld. They have well adapted webbed feet for swimming digging to look for food like earthworms and use them to secure food whilst eating or can rip it open with their sharp claws. Even though they have an adorable smiling expression on the face they can emit a foul smelling adore out of their musk gland if picked up in a deterrent to try and escape. These clever critters can use their long necks and head to flip themselves back upright if by chance they tumble onto their backs. Relatively easy to keep as pets if you follow correct husbandry and you don't need a permit in A.C.T (Canberra) to own one.  
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